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I work for a global tech company, but I still can’t seem to keep my hands off the keyboard in my free time. I consider myself to be a computer engineer, technical writer, software developer, system administrator, as well as a designer. I’m always in the process of learning something new, constantly trying to get my head around some novel tool, technique or software library. As a big nerd I’m particularly interested in storage, security, automation, web technologies, digital rights and digital culture, as well as Linux and open source software. When I’m not in front of a computer screen, you can find me listening to podcasts, taking pictures, cycling, running, or playing Nintendo Switch.

My GitHub profile is a good starting point to learn more about how I waste spend my time. You can also read a more formal resume if you prefer.


  •   Quickly learning new skills.
  •   Staying on top of industry trends.
  •   Translating business requirements into technical specifications.
  •   Applying DevOps principles to foster continuous improvement.
  •   Many years of experience designing and implementing complex IT systems.
  •   Planning, development and delivery of technical trainings and workshops.
  •   Frequent speaker at international conferences.
  •   Author of numerous books, papers and articles.
  •   Explaining difficult concepts so that they're easy to understand.


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